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  • With an extensive track record in developing software solutions fit for business which are currently used throughout the world, our SharePoint team in Scotland not only have the technical know-how but the ability to make the applications mobile,every device, every tablet, everywhere you go. Want to see a demo on what we can do? Get in touch!

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  • We believe that to achieve the maximum potential out of your SharePoint Solution, it requires the entire organisation to have the ability to use it. Our applications are not built just for the IT department, they are designed with the end user in mind, we offer a wide range of training courses which can be tailored specifically to your team.

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  • Have an existing SharePoint environment that needs upgrading? Does the current system require new functionality? Or have you simply forgotten how to access or use tools? Our support team in Aberdeen are here to answer any call or issues you are having either onsite or offsite, whichever is best for you.

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  • Want your very own SharePoint Developer working on site alongside you and your team? Want to learn the application, lead and direct ever step? Or do you have security concerns? We can deploy developers to work on site, giving you the ultimate control of your project.

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    Not sure what SharePoint is?

  • What is SharePoint? It is simply the platform that we use to build our applications on top of… why? Because of its vast flexibility, it allows for our applications to integrate with your existing databases with ease, its ability to be branded and designed to your specification, as well as it’s security functionality allowing for all data to be in the one secure place, it is also accessible on any device, mobile, or computer. It really can do so much, but here at Evoke IT, we make SharePoint work for you.

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    CALA Group Ltd.

    The introduction of our Safety Management System has allowed the business to focus on key areas for improvement and also allowed us to interrogate the system to identify any trends which can then be addressed at source. Ongoing development is crucial to allow the business to keep up with the industry and also the ever changing environment that we face.
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    CALA Group Ltd

    CALA’s commitment to health and safety is total. Over five years running we have had the lowest average accident incident rate of the top 20 house builders. However, we are always looking for innovative ways to further improve our Health and Safety processes and procedures. That’s why we decided to invest in our Safety Management System. We chose Evoke IT
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