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What is software development?

Software development is the process of conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components. Software development is a process of writing and maintaining the source code, but in a broader sense, it includes all that is involved between the conception of the desired software through to the final manifestation of the software, sometimes in a planned and structured process.

Software can be developed for a variety of purposes, the three most common being to meet specific needs of a specific business (creating bespoke software) ; to meet a perceived need of some set of potential users, or for personal use. Embedded software development, that is, the development of embedded software, such as used for controlling consumer products, requires the development process to be integrated with the development of the controlled physical product. System software underlies applications and the programming process itself and is often developed separately.

There are many approaches to software project management, known as software development life cycle models, methodologies, processes, or models.

What is bespoke software development?

Bespoke software, also known as “Custom” software, is a type of application developed specially to suit a particular business or an organisation to fulfil its specific business-centric requirements. Customised software is generally designed for a single business, or a group of clients (customers) who decide what kind of functionality and processes the software should possess.

Why is bespoke software development special?

There are pros and cons of buying off-the-shelf software packages as well as developing specialised software from a reliable software development company to suit your specific business needs. While you do not have to spend time with the development team to design your software, in case of ready-made software you can get straight into configuration. However, such applications are generic in terms of end user requirements and may offer certain features which may not exactly fit your unique requirements. So, even after spending money, you might still have to struggle with certain aspects of business automation as some features might not be available in your pre-built software.

There’re many benefits of designing and developing software exactly as per your requirements.

1. Optimised business process

Each organisation has its own business model and in-house processes. It is very difficult for organisations to change their processes to suit a particular software package or application, however efficient and powerful it may be. Therefore, software needs to be designed and developed in a manner such that it can align with the business model and follow the organisation’s unique in-house processes. Custom software development helps to optimise your business processes rather than replacing them.

2. Invention

Since the software is totally customised, you have the option to decide what kind of software development technology to use to design your own solutions. For example you have the power to decide and opt for trend-setting disruptive technologies to design you customised app and make it work the way you want it to or to automate processes to get a competitive advantage.

3. Emphasise your business acumen

The very fact that you are keen to develop software as per your business needs sends out a strong message that you value your in-house processes and take your work seriously. It emphasises your commitment towards your business as you streamline your process flows and your working model so it can function smoothly.

4. Reliability

The ability to upkeep and follow your business processes over time helps you to succeed eventually. Reliability is a major factor that defines success. Proper testing of your custom software ensures you have a reliable IT tool that can grow your business.

5. Uniqueness

Each business is unique. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution as far as business processes are concerned. Having a software tailor-made to suit your unique requirements can complement your working model. Bespoke software development also helps to support your “unique” identity in the market.

6. Adaptability

Organisational processes change with time, and as the market dynamics change, it becomes necessary to adapt to new processes and technologies to maintain your marketing stronghold. Customised software can be easily changed – New processes and technologies can be integrated into your existing software as and when marketing trends change, so you can remain abreast of your competitors.

7. Compatibility

Most organisations have an architecture model in which the outputs generated by a particular process (software app or module) function as an input for another process. A smooth flow of information is vital while streamlining your business model. Using different “packaged” software for different processes can disrupt your data flow since a hybrid software infrastructure often has to depend upon third party gadgets and apps to facilitate the communication between varied processes and systems. Building a custom software environment can resolve many types of issues concerning the flow of information between successive processes.

8. Exclusiveness

What works best for one business doesn’t necessary work for another. You may be following certain processes which others don’t. Software that is developed exclusively for you ensures that all of your activities and processes are properly addressed to and automated exactly as per your requirements.

9. Flexibility

You do not have to mould your working to suit a particular software – Your software can be changed easily to suit your requirements as and when required provided it is custom made.

10. Security

A major concern for many B2B and B2C companies, data access and security concerns affect many end-users in the market today. People transacting online want to ensure their transactions are safe and secure at all times. Supporting expensive security protocols can make you pass on added costs to the services you offer to your customers. This can make you lose your competitive edge in the market. Moreover, the flow of data within internal processes of the organisation also needs to be regulated by implementing strict security standards. With customised software development, you have the power to decide which data-security technology or protocol is ideally suited for your business and integrate that in your software.

11. Cost effectiveness

With customised development, you can plan and phase the development process. You’re not required to invest a huge sum of money first on to reap the benefits of automation. Based upon you budget and funds availability, you can start automating individual process flows in an organised and timed manner over time to make development affordable through affordable software development services.

The takeaway for organisations and businesses is even though you are required to spend some time to define your exact needs and wait while your software is developed, it’s worthwhile to opt for bespoke software development since you can benefit from an automation process that is tailor made to suit your unique needs and business-centric requirements.

Evoke IT’s software development

We are Microsoft Cloud Specialists and we are not your ordinary IT company. We deliver much more than off-the-shelf products. We thoroughly investigate and understand your needs to ensure you receive the right level of service. Our main tasks are to design, build and deploy bespoke systems which automate processes, reduce costs and simply improve your work environment. We cover the full range of Microsoft Technologies including SharePoint, Office 365 and Power BI, providing consultancy, development, training and support.

Our in-house team has the skills and expertise to deliver services that can improve business processes. Our resources allow us to achieve high standards without relying on 3rd parties. In fact, we are fully flexible and able to dedicate our time to service customisation.

Our software development possibilities for you:

  • Bespoke Application Development

Thanks to tools such as SharePoint, Identity Server and Telerik, our team of expertise creates high quality, innovative and reliable bespoke software applications, cost effectively and on-time. With our solutions your business will be more efficient and profitable, allowing you to provide a high-standard service to your clients.

  • IMS (Information Management System)

A good IMS can give your business a competitive advantage because it turns thousands of data points into helpful, usable information that can be used to tweak your strategy and increase profits. Using a Management Information System is also beneficial because it provides data for both the big and small picture on operations, management, strategy and transactions. Knowledge is power.

  • Intranet (SharePoint)

SharePoint 2019 intranet contains the best-practice functionalities that top companies already asked for and use. And best of all? Your Office 365 licenses generally include SharePoint already.

  • Microsoft Power BI – Setup and Configuration

Power BI Desktop integrates proven Microsoft technologies – so you can access to dashboards of data across systems, providing a comprehensive view of the information. Microsoft Power BI is often operated as a combination of Power BI Desktop and Power BI service.

  • Microsoft SharePoint Migrations

This can be a detailed process however, as we value quality, simplicity and innovation, we will find the perfect solution. In addition, we will assist you with data cleanse and provide advice on best practises when restructuring the data. Moving files from antiquated systems will not only provide a fresh and modern appearance to your company but also help with searchability.

  • Microsoft SharePoint Training

Organising, sharing and tracking down documents is a constant headache for most businesses and employees. Microsoft SharePoint makes it easy to organise, share documents and manage business processes. The aim of SharePoint and its features is to improve the experience for on-premises and cloud users.

  • Microsoft SharePoint Upgrades

SharePoint 2019 is the newest Microsoft's web-based service that has been implemented based upon SharePoint 2016. The new version includes a variety of exciting new features which make updating worth the hustle. However, you are not alone in this, we are proud to work with such an amazing tool and we want you to feel the same way.

  • Office 365 Migrations

We have been working with Microsoft products for many years and have followed the development into the cloud. Utilising Office 365 is more than just buying a license, we can help you migrate and gain the best experience possible. Unlock the potential and drive your business forward today.

  • Onsite Resources

Don’t need a project, just need the skills? We want to make this possible for you and your business. We have had junior developers, senior developers, project managers, SharePoint Admin, .Net developers and business analysts go onsite to businesses. Our resources can work with your time frames: a year, a project, few days or simply 4 hours.

  • Software & Project Support

Most people need support once they had software in their business and we have a team dedicated to it. We support all the applications we build, Microsoft Applications like SharePoint and we offer contracts and Ad-Hoc support.

Why should I consider software development?

Be it from Evoke IT or another company you need systems that enable your business to grow without a headache. We help build custom software ensuring seamless integration with the existing environment. Our responsibilities are to analyse your business needs and recommend technically sound and simple solutions that are implementable. We can also be responsible for the continued maintenance and enhancement of all web properties. Our experts are tasked with leading a team of exceptional, high performing developers to ensure that they stay motivated, are sufficiently challenged and are trained in cutting edge technologies.

Examples of benefits when investing in bespoke developments:

  • Empower your team to work more efficiently & save costs
  • Speed up your processes and grow customer satisfaction
  • Run your business, your way
  • Know that your system is designed for maintainability & scalability as your business grows
  • Feel supported through launch day and well beyond

We are also database experts and are confident working with complex requirements and business logic problems. Whatever you need from your business software, we will likely be able to help. In the paragraphs below you can find more details about the three phases of software development that apply to most of the processes.

Requirements Gathering & Documentation

At the very beginning we discover the project scope and goals, conduct requirements elicitation, analysis and validation to deliver complete documentation and prepare a project plan. Prior to project kick-off we also offer technology consulting to implement the most suited technology stack and well-thought out system architecture.


With full-stack custom software development expertise, and industry-specific knowledge, Evoke IT develops, customises, and migrates software solutions for specific business needs and domains.


To guarantee stable work lasting after the solution is deployed, we deliver maintenance and support services. They include 2 levels of support: contracted or ad-hoc.

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