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We offer support for any kind of project, post project, ongoing or one off issues. The amount of support required is varied to the project and the company.

We launched our Support Services package with the intention to provide flexibility to clients with installations who may need to call on a variety of support services over the course of a year. We offer a 5 day Service Level Agreement between 8 to 40 hours a month depending on your requirements, however we can provide support on an ad hoc basis, as and when required. Once support is requested, a ticket is then issued and allocated to a member of the Support team who will then solve the issue.

Our process of build, design, test and deploy means that almost all of our clients subscribe for support, not only for rapid incident management but also to take advantage of continued consultancy. After all, when your environment is read to expand, who wouldn’t want the experts ho know the solution inside our to develop it?

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