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Microsoft SharePoint Upgrades

As SharePoint specialists, our team have the experience in providing SharePoint upgrades from as early as SharePoint 2003. We have the skills, infrastructure and experience to save you the headache.

There are a number of SharePoint versions and as new features come into place it’s a good idea to upgrade to the latest SharePoint so you are using the application to its potential. Our team have the experience and expertise to migrate your SharePoint site, whether that’s from SharePoint 2003 On premise to SharePoint Online, or SharePoint 2013 on premise toSharePoint 2019.

Key business challenges we see are:

  • Planning the upgrade and possible disruptions to the business
  • Technical challenges around the physical upgrade
  • Knowledge and experience gaps between versions
  • Post upgrade training
  • Process mapping

We have a process we follow for migrating SharePoint sites to ensure the success of the migration.

Initially we run a content and environment analysis,where we access the current setup to ensure capability with your new chosen version. Following a successful assessment we configure the new SharePoint correctly for your needs, this could include changes in data structure or enhancements to functionalities.

In the instance where there is data to migrate, we perform a number of pre-migration checks to prevent data loss, corruption and ensure the new site is working as expected.

At every turn, we have checks in place to ensure a smooth transition.

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