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Microsoft SharePoint Migrations

SharePoint is a great platform for document management, so if you have your files stored locally, on a server or in an antiquated system, SharePoint could be the solution for you.

We offer a service where we migrate your documentation from their existing location, assist you with data cleanse and provide advice on best practises when restructuring the data.

Key challenges we see include:

  • Risk of data lose
  • Training
  • process and documentation
  • support and maintenance
  • Accessibility
  • Permissions and version controlling

Pre- migration we analyse the data and work with you closely to ensure current and new locations are mapped correctly. Should you decide to move away from the tradition folder structure, we can help with applying meta data. During the migration load, we perform checks to ensure there is no data loss and then work with your team to train them on how to use SharePoint, educate them on the many benefits which in turn greatly improves user adoption.

A reason we recommend using SharePoint in your company is because it’s a web platform; everyone in your business can access it with any device, at any location and at any time. If you create / add a document to SharePoint you can easily share with your colleagues and then you can work on that document at the same time

We understands that security is paramount in a document management system which is why security can applied at either site, folder and even document level. Setting up your SharePoint with the correct structure and security permissions is something Evoke IT can assist you with to ensure a smooth transition from your current file system to your new SharePoint document management system.

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