Microsoft SharePoint Migrations

SharePoint is a great platform for document management, so if you have your files stored on-premises or on a cloud-based storage, SharePoint could be the solution for you.

Evoke IT offers a service where we migrate your documentation from their existing location. This can be a tedious process however, as we value quality, simplicity and innovation, we will find the perfect solution. In addition, we will assist you with data cleanse and provide advice on best practises when restructuring the data. Moving files from antiquated systems will not only provide a fresh and modern appearance to your company but also help with applying meta data. The reason why we recommend using SharePoint is due to it customisability but more importantly because of its easy access as it is web platform. This gives you the opportunity to manage your content from any devices, at any time, in any location.

"Take advance of the out-of-the-box platform to simplify how people interact with content, processes and business data. Microsoft SharePoint incorporates business data along with documents, people and web pages to produce comprehensive, relevant results.”
LEIGH DREYER, Software Development Manager


  • Risk of data losses
  • Not effective training
  • Process and documentation
  • Support and maintenance
  • Poor accessibility
  • Permissions and version controlling


  • What you want is what you get
  • Characteristics are fully customised
  • Higher usage of features
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Reduces costs of repetitive tasks
  • Business process is automated
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