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Microsoft SharePoint From Aberdeen & Edinburgh

SharePoint for Business – the ultimate content and collaboration tool brought to you by Microsoft. Delivered from our Aberdeen & Edinburgh offices.
“We have a wide range of specialists that have used every version of SharePoint. Our SharePoint expertise are fully qualified experts in deploying, developing, supporting and increasing adoption of SharePoint.”
LEIGH DREYER, Software Development Manager

When facing upgrades, migrations, new staff or new processes you need the skills athand to help you move forward efficiently. Skills like: SharePoint trainers, developers and analysts are crucial to help you succeed. You can find these specialists locally as we have them in-house.

To deliver a project on time that is fit for purpose and within a budget, you will need experience along with a process and a structure. You need an agile approach that will ensure you have the flexibility of the modern world.

At Evoke IT we bring experience, knowledge, quality, and reliability which means we can offer you anything and everything in our specialist field. We also have offices in Aberdeen & Edinburgh allowing us to cover Scotland and beyond.

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Within Evoke IT we help businesses face many challenges, these are some of the key challenges we see;

  • Migration planning and resource issues
  • Upgrade requirements and risk management
  • Training for new staff or while rolling out changes
  • Change management and employee buy-in
  • Manual Process and data entry needing automated
  • Local files and folders that are inaccessible and needing centralised
  • Fragmented systems that don’t talk to each other needing replaced with a centralised platform
  • Bridges missing between applications meaning data can’t talk to each other, requiring some custom coding

Our SharePoint Services offer you the ability to manage your documents both locally and globally. You can share and work on documents across multi-sites and have optimum security which automating many business processes. SharePoint is designed to take the pain away from such things as; losing documents; version management; accessibility; business intelligence; and document security.

Here are some key advantages to using these services;

  • A decrease in time spent searching for documents
  • Business intelligence available at all levels of the organisation
  • High-security level
  • Increased accessibility
  • Improved communications
  • One central repository that can be used for all your documents – from public facing to senior management’s confidential reports

If you can’t find what you need then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Lunch and Learn

Why not try a Lunch & Learn; At our SharePoint and Office 365 Lunch and Learns we explore the possibilities which will help optimise your work and team areas, with easy hints and tips we will show you how to get the most out of your SharePoint and Office 365 environment.

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Key Services;

Bespoke Application Development

Every company has different aspirations, processes, and services; because of this, we all need some customisation. Whether this is design, development or both it allows us to differentiate from our competitors. With the skills we have at Evoke IT you can be assured we can customise SharePoint to meet your individual needs.

We have been building applications to integrate with SharePoint for years, we even have some ready to install that we re-use. No matter what it is you need we have probably seen it or something similar. See more information.

SharePoint Migration

Looking to move to SharePoint? Well, we are with you for the journey! We have migrated many businesses with a small amount of data and with large amounts. No matter what processes you need to move, what documents you have or what business support you need, we have the team. Find out more.

SharePoint Training

When a new staff comes in there are new changes put in place. Either that or you can implement a new system. Often you have the requirement for training, but you may not have the resource. We have a trainer ready on or offsite. Find out more.

SharePoint Upgrades

We go way back and can upgrade or migrate any SharePoint platform from 2007 to SharePoint 2019. No matter what platform you are on our experienced team can help you. Find out more.

Onsite Resources

We have used the onsite resource to help businesses onsite for years and it has been successful. Often it is just far more productive to be onsite helping your team than being remote. We can have people on site for day, weeks, months and more thanks to our skilled and dedicated team. Find out more.


If you need ongoing support for your platform and just don’t have the resource then give us a shout. We help lots of organisations with ongoing SharePoint support. Find out more.

Some Of The Technologies We Use
  • SharePoint
  • Office 365
  • .net
  • Identity Server
  • Xamarin
  • Entity Framework
  • Team Foundation Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server.

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We can help with installing, configuring, maintaining and managing a new site as well as the tasks that an administrator undertakes for an existing site. These can include checking performance; running backups; performing server maintenance, and undertaking site management.


For unique scenarios not covered by standard SharePoint, you need development (.NET and ASP.NET for the techies out there). Whether you need API’s (application programming interfaces) or a piece of functionality to automate some office processes, just ask.


This comes in two parts:

  • The look and feel
  • The usability and structure

To get the most from your system you need to ensure that both aspects are thought about before you start building. It is crucial to get the user experience correct and HCI (human-computer interaction) is a fundamental part of making sure your project is a success.


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Development Methodology and Project Management

We utilise our own unique approach based on a hybrid “Agile” methodology. This consist of initial user sessions in order to collect high-level requirements of specific aspects of the solution, as well as input into the general project as a whole. This process helps provide the project with a firm idea of workload and timescales.

Our Offices:

Aberdeen Office

Edinburgh Office

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