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Microsoft Power BI - Set up and Configuration

Power BI is a business analytics solution that allows you to visualise your data and share insight across your organisation or embed them into your intranet. Using live dashboard and reports bring your data to life.

Key challenges we see businesses face include:

  • Lack of transparency due to inaccessible or none existent data
  • Unreadable reports due to the data not being visual
  • Resource heavy report generation
  • Issues being picked up late or not at all due to ineffective reporting

Power Bi completely changes how you collate data and do reporting. It consolidates information and data across systems, providing a comprehensive view of the information. With instant access to dashboards, KPIs and real-time company data, you can monitor change and make informed business decisions.

Dashboards are always welcomed as they provide a snap shot of key information, in a simple but effective manner. Power Bi allows you to design and collate the data how you need and then drill down for more information at the click of a button.

Of course, reporting is only as good as the data source. We will work with you to ensure the data sets are cohesive going to give you what you need. As you can imagine this can be a very time consuming task however with our expertise from many roll outs will ensure your up and running on Power Bi without a hitch.

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