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Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is where you can store all your files and documents and access them anywhere.

At Evoke IT we use Microsoft’s OneDrive to act as our Desktop, meaning we can access all our documents and files on any device we use and anywhere – whether that’s in the office, on the train or at home! By making our files available offline we can also access these without any internet connection.

One Place

OneDrive is an online storage system that can be accessed from any of the devices you use – desktop, tablet and mobile. Which means you no longer have to email files to yourself, use a USB or portable hard drive.

How To Use OneDrive

Once you’ve started using OneDrive you can choose to save new files and pictures to your OneDrive. On your PC when you click to save a file OneDrive will come up as the recommended location to save it to, you can check this on your OneDrive settings. You can move all your existing files to OneDrive from your PC but if you want to keep copies on your PC then simply just copy them across.

Accessing Your Files

To access your files on your mobile, you can download the mobile app available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, otherwise you can access your files by simply logging into the OneDrive website. Sometime it’s not possible to gain internet connection everywhere you go, so you can make your files available offline through settings in your OneDrive app or File Explorer. You can change files from online to offline as much as you can – as your needs change.

Sharing Files

Sharing files on your OneDrive couldn’t be simpler – swipe down or right-click on your chosen file or folder and click Share, however if you only want to share with individuals or groups select Invite People.

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