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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a software package developed by Microsoft to drive sales, productivity and marketing through business intelligence and campaign management in the cloud.

CRM allows you to log all your customer details in one place, offering you a solution to endless spreadsheets – all information can be accessed anytime and like Office 365 you can use CRM on the move. The mobile apps and platforms enable you to manage your customer relationships anywhere, tools available can also integrate data and reporting from social media to your CRM application.

Collate, Log and Find

Microsoft Dynamics CRM collates all customer information in the one place allowing you to run accurate reports. Log a possible future opportunity and lead, which can be found by you or your colleagues in the future for making that sale. CRM increases communication between colleagues as all customer enquiries, sales and activity is all documented here allowing for efficient customer service. By using CRM effectively it can help reduce costs by the organisation of business processes that nurture customer satisfaction.

The pre designed campaign templates can be used to increase your marketing activity by creating campaigns and use easy filter on your contact lists by contact segmentation.

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