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Microsoft Delve

Microsoft Delve is a tool to help you discover information that is likely to be interesting to you at that moment in time.

Delve is great for seeing what your colleagues are working on, it gathers recently edited documents and “trending” content in one view. If you’re managing a project you can quickly see what is being worked on at that moment in time.Delve Searches, So You Don’t Have To

Microsoft Delve uses Office Graph to find out who you work with and what you’re working on, and analysing your activity to display content relevant to you on one page in a personal Home view. By gathering content that is personal to you, documents you’ve been working on and content that is ‘trending’ in your company Delve makes your Home view unique to you and different to what your colleagues see on their Home view. Documents you have worked on yourself, documents you have shared with colleagues and even documents your colleagues have edited will appear on your Home view. Each document has a content card, on the content card you can understand why this document has appeared on your Home view – it may be that a number of colleagues have viewed the document or a colleague close to you modified it. Create boards to group and share documents, project documents can be collected in one place for your team. Delve creates ‘People Page’s for you and colleagues you work closely with, however you can view all the ‘People Pages’ in your company.

Get The Most From Delve

For Delve to access your documents store your documents in OneDrive for Business, create a folder and invite your colleagues. To share with all employees in your workplace, upload documents in the Shared with Everyone folder in OneDrive for Business. When uploading new or existing documents to Delve it can take up to 24 hours to appear in Delve, however once they’re there any changes made should appear in minutes. Delve doesn’t alter any permissions, so you’ll only see documents you have access to and other people will not have access to your private documents. An example of this is your emails and Lync conversations stay private to your Delve.

Make Your Content Matter

If you’ve created a handy guide document for your colleagues or uploaded an important document, you will want to make it as visible as possible. Generate activity and buzz around the document, the more views, edits and shares a document has the more visible it will be to members across the company. Title the document a useful name, one people will search for or make the document interesting to read. Add a relevant picture that will grab your colleagues attention, and remember to share the document by inviting all your relevant colleagues.

The more you and your colleagues work together, and view, edit and share each other’s documents the more effective Delve will be for you.

If you think Office Delve can help and benefit your business, get in touch with us to find out more.

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