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IMS (Information Management System)

In a nutshell, MIS is a collection of systems, hardware, procedures and people that all work together to process, store, and produce information that is useful to the organisation. Ready to make the change with us?

These days, technology and data collection are so prevalent that businesses large and small are using Management Information Systems to improve their outcomes. A good MIS can give your business a competitive advantage because it turns thousands of data points into helpful, usable information that can be used to tweak your strategy and increase profits. Using a Management Information System is also beneficial because it provides data for both the big and small picture on operations, management, strategy and transactions. Knowledge is power. Understanding your business’ data helps you plan for operations and resource allocation in an organized and systematic way. With the rapid development of technology and data systems, businesses that stay one step ahead remain competitive.

“An MIS can be used to aid in the planning of different functions of a business, such as marketing, logistics, personnel, finance and accounting, information planning and upper management. Using marketing as an example, an MIS helps forecast sales and analyses the behaviours of customers.”


  • It is expensive to set up and configure
  • Heavy reliance on technology
  • Risk of fraud
  • Time consuming
  • Prone to error
  • Lack of security
  • Duplication of data
  • Lack of backups
  • Data inconsistency


  • Fast data processing and information retrieval
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Improved security
  • Reduced data duplication
  • Improved backup systems
  • Easy access to information
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