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Development Methodology and Project Management

We use Microsoft Team Foundation as a project management tool which is externally accessible by all of our clients. Clients are required and responsible for building requirements for iterations and driving priorities.

We utilise our own unique approach based on a hybrid “Agile” methodology. This consist of initial user sessions in order to collect high-level requirements of specific aspects of the solution, as well as input into the general project as a whole. This process helps provide the project with a firm idea of workload and timescales. The user requirements are then broken into ‘user stories’ and a traditional Agile approach is adopted.

Once the necessary information is collected, it is transformed into ‘user stories’, which illustrate the specific needs of the project. The user stories are then pulled together to create a comprehensive list of requirements, which will be linked with the information provided in the tender documentation, coming together to create an overall vision and direction of the project.

From this stage, the business needs are used to drive the software development process. The requirements or ‘user stories’ that have been identified are put together with a score to indicate the size of the task. A project team is identified and they will be tasked with directing which tasks should be tackled in what order.

The software development is carried out in 2 week cycles or “iterations” and the project team will provide guidance in helping to decide what will be developed in each 2 week iteration. This allows the overall project to be broken down in manageable segments so they can be appropriately managed and completed with the given timescales, ensuring your project is completed within budget.

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