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Application for SharePoint Web and Service

A SharePoint application, whether it is a web application (WA) or a service application (SA), is a pocket of functionality to perform a task. Microsoft offers some free applications that we can install for you, there are pre-built applications that can be installed or we can custom build the applications for you.

Web applications are front end, top level content packages that allow you to display content from your farm. Service applications are more granular pieces of functionality.

What are the benefits to using applications?

  1. Some applications are free online, either from Microsoft or other certified organisations, meaning you can be using the functionality almost immediately, hassle free
  2. You can customise some applications to cut down on the cost and time of building from scratch
  3. Generally applications provide a quicker way of having functionality delivered as they just needs installing and configuring to your system
  4. Custom applications allow you to have something unique put onto your environment
  5. You can also have applications for windows 7 phones for those on the go

Some key features that SharePoint applications help with are:

  1. Record management
  2. Unique functionality requirements
  3. Microsoft office document integration a?nd management
  4. Business intelligence

Developing Applications in SharePoint 2010

When SharePoint 2010 was launched it introduced areas of new functionality to help developers and architects build and create better and more advanced applications. 2010 includes:

  1. Sandboxed solutions
  2. New options for data modelling
  3. More options for data access
  4. Silverlight integration
  5. Ajax integration

Building a SharePoint application has never been so advanced. The integration of Silverlight means developers can go one step closer to solving business issues with content, information and communication.

Evoke IT specialise in building applications that both maximise efficiency and exceed user expectations. By using Microsoft you can have all your applications, documents, sites and directories integrated into the same system avoiding common problems with miscommunication, ineffective document management, duplication, excessive manual input and unused business intelligence.

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