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SMS (Safety Management Systems) & Microsoft SharePoint

Safety Management Systems can be fully customised to your requirements and are designed to be used both onsite and offsite.

Safety in the work place is vital and we appreciate that includes going onsite / to remote places. So safety systems not only have to ensure safety but do so on the move. Documentation, processes and policies are all governed and managed in the system. We can fully customise a Safety Management System to your requirements.

Benefits of using SharePoint

We utilise the power of Microsoft SharePoint to get a robust and practical solution enabling you to be both flexible and efficient. From mobile applications to collaboration it’s all possible and easy to use, by simply creating an action this can be directed to the relevant person who can then implement a correct action to be made. We can create these systems available on your mobile / tablet so onsite employees can log any safety observations straight away without having to go back to the office, by inputting on your mobile / tablet it syncs straight to your SharePoint.

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