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Microsoft SharePoint Learning Management Software (LMS)

While a typical Virtual Learning Environment (VLE software) offers tools to organise and manage online learning, Evoke IT’s suite of Education tools provides useful applications for learning, teaching and administration.

Used independently or as a framework to bring together current systems such as traditional VLE’s (Moodle, Blackboard), MIS and other line-of-business systems, this application becomes the central hub for staff and students.

While a typical Virtual Learning Environment  (VLE software) offers tools to organise and manage online learning, Evoke IT’s suite of Education tools provides useful applications for learning, teaching and administration. Used independently or as a framework to bring together current systems such as traditional VLE’s (Moodle, Blackboard), MIS and other line-of-business systems, this application becomes the central hub for staff and students.As every university, school and college is structured differently, using this as a framework allows institutions to organise their resources in a way that suits them.  Likewise, students and staff work in varied ways, and the Evoke IT SharePoint LMS allows them to personalise their own work areas to focus on the information and tools most important to them.

Personalised Home PageSimple InterfaceDaily NotificationsManagement ToolsAssignment SubmissionCPD Recording

Education Portal

Structure is key, designed to reflect the way you work and how the institution is organised, either using a tried and tested template or customised to fit.  The portal brings together all learning resources and materials for courses using a simple interface to allow both staff and students to find what they require quickly, with 24hr access on or off site.The home page for each user is personalised, giving a snapshot of their day, their resources and their performance.  Users can add or remove tools according to their personal  preferences, including views of other systems, updates on their course materials, or even social media.  Evoke IT continues to develop more apps for our SharePoint LMS Software, allowing education establishments to pick and choose the tools they need  and offering end-users additional functionality.

Personalised toolsMy Links – users can define any number of useful links to internal or external sites. There is also a section of links which the organisation can set for different user groups (such as staff or students).My News – news or notices published by the organisation, filtered for the user group, and further filtered by year group, department etc if required.My Tasks – homework, assessments, exams and coursework deadlines can be added as tasks and shown here for the user, grouped by due date. These can be automatically set by staff or manually by students.My Updates – notifies users of any new or updated material for their subjects / courses.My Timetable – displays the user’s timetable with location and teacher/lecturer, and links through to the subject /course site in the portal. For departments, a departmental teaching timetable is also available.My Results – a view of the user’s most recent results with a click through link to view all their results, whether this is held in a different system or within the portal. My Email / Calendar – integrates with Ou?tlook either on-site or via Office365 and displays the most recent emails and calendar events. My VLE – if using a separate VLE, this tool gives a snapshot of information from that system for the user, and allows then to link through into the system itself.

Management / Teaching Tools

Room Booking

As resources are often stretched to capacity and complex to manage, the room booking tool provides a calendar overview of current and pending bookings, while allowing users to request future resources. Workflow automates the booking process, informing the decision makers, allowing them to confirm the booking with the click of a button. A resource look-up allows the user to choose a specific room or search for a room based on criteria such as size or built in facilities.

Resource Booking

A separate tool to book movable resources such as laptops, media boards, TV and even media. Similar to the room booking system, workflow automates approval and scheduling. The requestor can track the progress of their request and is informed automatically when approved.

Organisation CalendarA calendar for an institution can be overwhelming with so many events, sports activities, meetings, visits and so on. This VLE’s main calendar shows important events by default, while allowing users to view other events based on filters such as concerts or rugby fixtures, management meetings or departmental events, the calendar can show as much or as little information as required. Sub-Calendars used throughout for specific subjects / courses / departments / clubs and so on, can have events promoted to the main calendar if deemed appropriate (workflow can be used to approve these events).

User Search Pulling information from other systems, or from the portal itself, a simple search provides personal and academic information for staff or students / pupils. Staff can view contact information, academic records, SFL, attendance and photos ?of classes or individuals. The information displayed depends entirely on the information available and is filtered according to access.Staff Availability Finding staff cover at short notice, especially in schools where lessons cannot be cancelled, is simplified by a simple search of the timetable. Given a date and time, the search provides a list of staff who are available at that time along with their contact details. Presence indicators are also available if using systems such as Microsoft Lync.Homework / Exam / Assessments Configured for each, it includes a Drop facility, allowing pupils / students to submit work and preventing resubmission where necessary, giving the teacher / lecturer an overview of who has submitted what and when. Emails are automatically sent to acknowledge submission, and then again to indicate that marked work is available in the Drop for retrieval, if appropriate.Exam / Assessment TrackingAn individual can track their own progress, viewing all exams and assessments while enrolled at the institution. Staff have an overview at a class or departmental / course level. Results can be exported to Excel, and imported from other MIS systems or spreadsheets. Staff can record results but define a future publication date to allow timely release of information.Student AttendanceEnables staff to perform registration directly into the system, which in turn can feed into any other MIS systems. If registration uses another system, this tool gives access to that information which allows parents to view their own child’s attendance.Continuous Professional Development (CPD)With every profession, including education, it is important for staff to constantly improve their skills and keep up to date with the latest changes. The CPD system allows staff and managers to keep track of their CPD plan, record tasks and update CPD records as well as providing general and targeted information useful to the user. Forms are available to apply for internal and external courses with workflow helping to manage and process those requests.Erskine Stewart’s Melville Schools“ Evoke IT is now working on the second phase of our cutting-edge educational portal and we have been delighted with the quality of work and team approach. They have an in-depth understanding of the unique requirements of a school like ours, which makes it a pleasure to work with them. Using the latest technology and an innovative approach, they have created a simple-to-use learning gateway which will continue to revolutionise the way we communicate with our staff and pupils.”Khalid Hussain – IT ManagerRobert Gordon University“We decided to base our portal on Microsoft SharePoint because of its immense flexibility and scalability as well as its ease of use for the students. Evoke IT are extremely knowledgeable about SharePoint and have implemented our progressive ideas efficiently, providing us with a dynamic and modern portal which will meet the current and future needs of our staff and students.”Andrew McCreath – Executive Director (Information Technology and Comm)

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