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Intranet Solutions on Microsoft SharePoint

Intranets have changed massively in the years internet has been around, before it was only used to communicate important information but now it is used as a key tool to improve employee productivity.

We use Microsoft SharePoint to develop intranets because of it’s powerful tools and it’s ability to integrate with business system and include business intelligence solutions. Developed so your employees can gather and share information and communicate with each other easy, intranets on SharePoint supports various communication channels.Information can be kept in one central place, meaning users will use less time spent searching for information and recreating documents that already exists, SharePoint also gathers information that would usually have to be manually captured. From developing sites enabling teams to cross over and work together, discuss projects and work alongside each other more efficiently.

Projects and tasks can be managed and organised on your intranet and then be synced to your Outlook so you can have visibility of the project and task on both platforms. With the advanced search capability you can customise and refine your search delivering you quicker and more relevant results

The benefits of an intranet on SharePoint is endless, with our developers extensive knowledge of SharePoint you can be assured your project is in safe hands.

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