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IMS Integrated Management Systems, Utilising Microsoft SharePoint

Integrated management systems (IMS) are implemented to make processes more seamless, avoid duplication and efficiently manage documentation.

What are the benefits of an IMS?

The key with this is the linkage between all elements which eliminates duplication and streamlines the management. It is important as well that people are part of this as well as the documents and processes. Without the integration of your business culture you won’t successfully roll out and utilise the system.

IMS brings control to documents and audit trails are easier and more robust. By either using a process step or work stream these navigation widgets points to the relevant results page showing appropriate documents and information.

We utilise Microsoft SharePoint on Office 365 to deliver these solutions as it gives powerful tools and a solid platform. Our team is experienced in delivering customer focused solutions. Depending on your requirements for your Integrated Management System we can built But why SharePoint? It’s a developed platform with very good; content management, document management, reporting and collaboration. All these things are key to integrated management systems.

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