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HR (Human Resource) Management Modules for Microsoft SharePoint

Managing your resources can be labour intensive and many companies seek software solutions, electronic HR solutions keep everything in the one place and erase heavy paper based tasks – helping you save the environment!

We have several modules for Human Resource management including:

• Timesheets

• Expenses

• Absense

• Holiday requests

• Sign off work flows

• Invoice generator and management

• PO generator

We can also build bespoke features to mould around your business as required. By moving the above items to an online system can streamline your processes and save spending unnecessary labour time. Holiday requests can be sent straight to the relevant person for approval, if said person is not available then the secondary person can have access to approve the holiday request, resulting in no paper holiday requests being passed about and holidays can be approved much quicker.

By inputting timesheets onto an online system these can be pulled together and exported to the one spreadsheet allowing for a quick filter and pulling the relevant information for reports. these timesheets can then be collated to create invoices for clients, which are created by an invoice generator.

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