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Help Desk Applications on Microsoft SharePoint

If you offer internal or external support chances are you need a system to manage it and our applications allow you to manage your processes with efficiency and with minimal effort.

Our help desk applications solutions for Microsoft SharePoint include;

• Support Tickets

• Management

• Follow up

• Traffic light system

• Notifications

Work your support tickets easy; you can access help tickets via email or user portal and automate an email back to the ticket issuer to say it has been received. With a traffic light system in place it allows clients or colleagues who raised the ticket a quick and easy way to view the progress with the issue – simple red for not commenced, amber for in progress and green for completed. The traffic light system is similar to notifications, however notifications provide more detail; when a task has been completed or another issue within that task rises a notification can be sent with details of progression. Support items can be set with time restrictions, permissions, workflow and more.

A Help Desk application can improve your business operations by identifying and addressing recurring issues, automate ticket prioritisation and reduce labour time through self service. Issues are resolved quicker resulting in an improved customer satisfaction, even with issues that require more time to resolve, customers are much more satisfied with receiving acknowledgement of their issue and the fact they can view the progression.

So if you think a help desk application could streamline and update your current system or you simply need one in place, get in touch to find out more.

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