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Extranet Solutions Using Microsoft SharePoint

Extranets allow you to connect and communicate with distributed employees and customers in multiple locations.

Many businesses have multiple locations that need to share information, processes and communication, an extranet allows you do all of these with both employees and customers. Using an extranet you can have the security needed for your data as well as the content management flexibility your business deserves.

Security is high on many businesses agenda and for good reason as extranets are a private virtual space for you to securely collaborate information. Remote uses can have limited or protected access so you can still let people in but it will be safe. This allows people onsite or in remote locations to be able to interact with your extranet so data sharing becomes instant.

An extranet on Microsoft SharePoint allows you to engage with your customers by supplying them with a bank of information and a place to find relevant information and a place where they can seek assistance and engage with your business.

Another advantage is all you data is in one location so only one to maintain.

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