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Client Management Solutions on Microsoft Office 365

Client Management Solutions manage your business’s interactions with current and prospective clients.

Features to a Client Management Solution include client search allowing you to enter and track client data entered into appropriate fields. Client data can then be added, edited and archived as required. We can develop this system as per your requirements, and present information in a style that users are familiar with.

Summary information of referrals, client program tracking and client program participation is included; the bulk of this information input is completed through forms which are then linked to the chosen client. Forms will be written for specific client data which will be required for reporting at a later stage.

User permissions can be put in place if required, so only relevant employees can view or input  certain client data, keep confidentiality of clients as a priority and guarding the system against misuse.

The benefits of having a Client Management System on Office 365 is that it’s on the Cloud – allowing employees to view, add and edit content anywhere, which could be straight after an initial meeting so nothing is forgotten about.

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Utilising Office 365 allows you to integrate and progress with ease

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