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Your SharePoint Intranet in the Cloud

Did you know that Office 365 is free for educational organisations using the basic level plan? It’s ideal for schools, colleges and universities because it combines all the familiarity of Microsoft office programmes with the flexibility, money saving and efficiency of the cloud.?

If you are already using some Microsoft programmes online and have “@live.edu” email addresses, you will shortly find them changing to Office 365 email addresses. You also have access to a free version of SharePoint in the cloud. The benefits of SharePoint are almost endless, but for starters you can create your own internet, which can be a place to share documents and learning material, post notices and reminders, work collaboratively and communicate more effectively. At Evoke IT we can offer you and your team basic training to help you make the most of the free functions that are there to make your life easier.

We can also demonstrate our Learning Management System for Office 365, giving you all the benefits of a tailor-made portal, without the need for a server. Everything is available to everybody – wherever they are, even on mobile devices. Homework tracking, exam tracking, attendance, CPD, room booking and more can all be managed from one simple dashboard. Integration with your existing systems can further improve administrative efficiency.

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