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Windows 10, Why Upgrade?

Windows 10, Why Upgrade?

Here at Evoke IT we’re been eagerly waiting for the release of Windows 10, and it’s only been out a couple of days and we’ve not been disappointed.

Download Windows 10 for free!


Simply upgrade by clicking on the small Windows icon on the bottom right of your taskbar and follow the instructions. This is only applicable if you already have Windows 7, Windows 8 or a Windows Phone.

What’s New?

The Start menu is back – woo hoo! Missed by many when Windows 8 was launched Windows have listened to the public and the Start menu is back bigger and better than before. Your Start menu is fully customisable, you can resize the actual menu how you want it and choose each tile size. Add your favourite apps so you can access them quickly and personalise the colour scheme to your preference!

Windows 10 is the most personal Windows to you yet. Those with a Windows phone may be familiar with Cortana, but for those who are not Cortana is your own personal assistant on Windows 10. There to help you, Cortana can provide reminders, answer your questions, send emails and access your documents for you. Get familiar with Cortana, because the more you use her the more personal and beneficial Cortana will be for you.

Work with Windows 10 any way you want; touch, type, write or speak. Use whatever works best for what you’re doing.

Another cool feature is the new web browser Microsoft Edge. Developed by Microsoft this was unveiled earlier this year and will launch alongside Windows 10 on 29th July. Like every other Windows application Edge is designed to give you a better experience with easy sharing, reading and researching, and you can even type notes directly onto a web page. But not to worry, Internet Explorer and other browsers are accessible if you require them.

Create multiple desktops or scan up to four things on one screen at the same time to create more space or group certain apps together by project. Windows 10 works the same across all devices, download an app and you can access it across all your Windows devices.

Easy change from keyboard to touchscreen at the press of a button, Windows have really thought of it all!

That’s not all, we could go on about the cool new features but we’ll let you discover tem for yourself. Keep up to date with the news of all things Microsoft by checking our website!


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