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BlackBerry GDPR Event in Aberdeen With Evoke IT

BlackBerry and Evoke IT will be hosting our first GDPR lunch and learn session.

Organisations face key challenges with GDPR given the large volumes of personal data being held and managed and the increasing prevalence of multi-agency working and information sharing.

Preparing for GDPR will therefore require a significant amount of organisational time and resource – and there’s no time to be wasted. Although this may be burdensome it is an opportunity to take stock of existing practices and to put in place policies and procedures which deliver much needed accountability and transparency within data management.

Join us at the Village Hotel, Aberdeen, to hear from BlackBerry’s Director of Cybersecurity Services James McDowell, about the practical approach to GDPR and how it will impact your business, and where BlackBerry Cybersecurity Services can help you prepare and lead the way in protecting your data, brand and assets securely.


  1. Attend this event to understand
  2. What is GDPR and how does it impact your business?
  3. Why is GDPR a good thing?
  4. What are the implications for failing to meet the regulations?
  5. How BlackBerry Cyber Security and Evoke IT can help your prepare for GDPR


We hope you can join us and look forward to seeing you there.

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