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  • A Video Demo
  • What is Microsoft Teams?
  • Microsoft Teams’ importance
  • Functionality
  • Navigation bar & Channels
  • Messaging & chat-based collaboration
  • Calls and Meetings
  • Information to summarise
  • Safety and compliance
  • Microsoft Teams Admin Centre
  • Teams Setup and Support
  • Managing and collaborating via Apps
  • Customising
  • Fit the platform to the business
  • How to obtain Microsoft Teams
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What you need to know!

What is Microsoft Teams?

what is microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams can be described as a highly customisable hub for teamwork in Office 365. It allows people to work and collaborate in one single and secure location.

Microsoft created this tool to enhance collaboration and provide a modern conversation experience.  As the platform is fully incorporated with Office 365, it is possible to easily access files and apps.

The core experience offered includes group chats, collaborating on files and hosting online meetings. Teams allows you to customise your workspace with your favorite apps as personalisation is highly valued. In conclusion, Microsoft Teams is all about being creative, build the best content, collaborate with anybody your company is working with and this is all done very securely.

Microsoft Teams’ importance

Microsoft is highly implementing the use of Microsoft Teams as teamwork platform. Microsoft, is in fact, undertaking a slow process of replacing Skype for Business with Teams. To complement persistent chat and messaging capabilities, Teams offers a comprehensive meeting and calling experience, with built-in, fully integrated voice and video. This will provide their users with a hub that can be seen as a 4 in 1 solution.

  • Messaging– rich, chat-basedexperience
  • Onlinemeetings – where you can always stay connected
  • Callingcapabilities – build your online worldwide network
  • Original integration – with native Office apps

What is highly original and unique of this modern platform is the integration of channels which are valuable asset in a team environment. More detailed information will be provided in further chapters.

Many companies are already operating with SharePoint and SharePoint Groups sites, Teams is fully integrated with them. Consequently, creating a new channel immediately creates a new folder in the SharePoint Document Library. Additionally, Teams leverages identities stored in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). 


microsoft teams logo

Teams is a multidimensional platform that is aimed to simplify the communication among work-teams. This would help companies to turn their innovative ideas into real solutions.

  • Efficient communications
  • Improved collaboration workflow
  • Full customisation and personalisation
  • Ensure safety of communication and files

These are the four main characteristics of this modern tool.

As a matter of fact, this collaboration tool includes an incredible amount of utility features. It provides a modern conversation experience with a team focus. Messages, calls, and meeting are provided with a clear format and modern experience.

File Management is operated through SharePoint and Apps from the O365 ecosystem. Lastly, custom functionalities such as the use of SharePoint Framework to create custom panels are possible along with connectors (apps) for an holistic approach. The way collaboration has been enhanced involves the cooperation with OneNote, Planner and Yammer. Certainly, SharePoint Group sites play an important role regarding the connection to applications with a relevant connector such as Dynamics, SharePoint, Planner and Power BI.

Navigation Bar & Channels

microsoft teams navigation and channels

Channels can be seen as a shared workspace to communicate and collaborate in a single location about a particular topic. Channels allows you to separate your team information as required. As an example, in support our information might be separated from the client.

For each channel that is created a folder is created in SharePoint under the Documents document Library.

If a channel is bolded it is notifying that there is new information there that has not been red yet. If there is a red exclamation point, the message is important. If there is an at, you have been mentioned in the message.

In the left navigation bar, there are different sections of the platform that can be explored. The first section is ’Activity’ where all the information comes in from the teams. They can be filtered to triage the most important information. There there is ‘Chat’, there are both private one-to-one conversation and group chats.

There is the possibility to pin chats that are frequently to the top while maintaining the recent ones underneath. Below ‘Chat’ there is ‘Teams’ where all the collaboration happens. Each company can choose to establish teams in a department or project level.

Additionally, every team has a set of channels. Furthermore, at the bottom of the bar there are ‘Meetings’, ‘Calls’ and ‘Files’. The last section is an ellipsis that contains: ‘Help’, ‘OneNote’, ‘Planner’, ‘Shifts’, ‘Stream’, ‘Who’ and ‘Wiki’. A particularly useful tool is ‘Planner as it can be easily connected to ‘Outlook Calendar’. Microsoft proudly introduced ‘Shifts’ as their new schedule management tool.

Messaging & chat collaboration

microsoft teams messaging and chat

Microsoft Teams offers an extremely high-quality communication and online meetings experience. It contains all the typical Skype for Business call functionality which makes it easy to operate.

Conversations can be private one-to-one or group conversations. Every conversation has a reply button. Comments from various Team items, such as adding a comment to a Wiki, can be attached. In addition, it is simple to thread your conversations together to manage and multi-task.

Messages can also be liked or saved to get back at them later. For global-scale organisation is often the case of having international members within their teams. Teams has in-line translation features that allows smooth conversations in 44 different languages.

To facilitate accessibility Teams also includes a screen reader (text to voice) to assist the impaired. Companies manage daily their connections with third parties or vendors. With Teams, it is possible to include them using ”Team Secure Guest Access”. Individuals will be clearly labelled as ‘Guest’.

Teams provides with rich text editing options, similarly to Office 365.  Options include highlighting text, mark it as important, use hyperlinks, attach files and even use stickers, emojis or gifs.

Files that are attached in group chats will be uploaded into the “Team File Repository”. The integration with SharePoint makes file sharing and storing easy and accessible with Word, PowerPoint and Excel. It also provides data loss prevention and co-authoring opportunities.

On the other hand, files that are attached to one-to-one conversations can be found in the personal OneDrive for business.

Finally, Teams allows to auto post content to the conversation chat window.

Calls & Meetings

Teams offers a solution that supports sharing, video and audio conferencing. Firstly, in the ‘Meetings’ section that can be found on the navigation bar, there is a clear daily view of all meetings. It is possible to see all the attendees of each meetings and chat with all the participants.

Another feature is the possibility to schedule meetings directly from the platform, really handy for small and large companies. As mentioned earlier, video calls and meetings are a crucial aspect of teams. In fact, anyone can create a live event that can host up to 100.000 participants. Before joining the video call or meeting, the attendee will be re-directed to a pre-join screen.

There, they can access different settings such as switching on or off their microphone or blurring their background to avoid distractions. During a video call, content can be shared; members can share their desktop, individual windows thanks to remote app capabilities or files recently used such as PowerPoint Online due to its native integration to present files. Meetings can be recorded as people might have missed it or simply for later review. If the meeting has been recorded then it is possible to use Teams’ ‘Transcription Services’.

Powered by Microsoft Stream, the ‘Transcription Services’ allow people to turn on captions and see what has been said in the meeting. This is particularly handy as someone might desire to focus on one particular topic and can search for a specific keyword.

In terms of calls, if the individual has PSTN calling integrated into Microsoft Teams configuration, they will have all the call controls directly onto the platform. These also include their phone number, speed dial, favourites, contacts, call history and voicemail.

Information to summarise

Messaging, Calls and Meetings
  • Unlimited messages and search
  • Guest access available
  • Maximum number of users, depending on the plan: 300 or unlimited
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote Online apps in Teams
  • Exchange email hosting and custom email domain
  • OneDrive, SharePoint, Planner, Yammer, and more Office 365 services
  • 140+ integrated apps and services
  • File storage, depending on the plan: 2GB and 10GB of shared storage or 1TB per organisation plus 10 GB per license
  • 1:1 and group online audio and video calls
  • Channel meetings
  • Screen sharing
  • Schedule meetings
  • Meeting recording – available with Microsoft Stream
  • Audio conferencing (available as add-ons)
  • Availability in more than 150 markets and 44 languages

Safety & Compliance

microsoft teams security

Microsoft Teams takes high consideration of organisational digital safety and compliance. As part of its service, it offers region-based data residency to ensure client’s protection.

For the files that have been uploaded and might require a higher measure of safety, data encryption at rest and in transit is applied. Thanks to the deep integration with SharePoint, Teams offers data loss prevention so that you can identify, monitor, and automatically protect sensitive information across Office 365.

Companies are also able to prevent the accidental sharing of sensitive information. They can identify any document or email containing private or confidential information that is shared with people outside your organisation, and then automatically block access to that document or block the email from being sent. Additionally, as a safety and protection measure, Teams enforced multi-factor authentication for all users.

It is possible to keep your team secure with end-to-end security, administrative control, and compliance—all powered by Office 365. Microsoft Teams allows single sign-on to all business apps and services along with advanced auditing and reporting. In conclusion, Teams includes eDiscovery and legal hold for their clients.

Microsoft Teams Admin Centre

Administration and support is offered through the ‘Microsoft Teams Admin Centre’. The center includes all aspects around Teams, messaging, meetings and org-wide settings. The ‘Skype for Business Admin Center’ can also be accessed via the “Legacy Portal”.

In the ‘Teams’ section, there is the list of every single team that has been created during the personal tenet. Existing teams can be edited, new members can be added and settings can be modified. If wished a brand new team can be created as well.

In the section ‘Users’ you can see all of the users in my team tenet. Teams Specific policy settings can be set, assign specific policies per user. As an example, you can set policies in a similar nature to how Exchange Works. Teams also uses location data offering the opportunity to organisations to set offices for Teams.

Conference bridges are defined in ‘Meetings’ along with other meetings policies like being able to record or transcribe meetings.

The part of the Admin Centre that is dedicated to ‘Messaging’ delineates the chat experience. This is where settings such as the possibility to delete messages, use gifs or memes and enable to translate messages.

The last section for ’Org-wide settings’ is for configuring external access and guest access. It also includes the ‘Coexistence mode’ which is an extremely useful tool to help your transition from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams.

Teams Setup & Support

microsoft teams setup and support

Creating working teams with Microsoft Teams is a seamless action that can be done by any average person. Teams are a collection of people, often co-workers,  who gather together to achieve a common shared goal.

Teams can be created via the Teams application or the ‘Microsoft Teams  Admin Centre’. Teams offers channels for teams as collaboration spaces within a team where they can get their tasks done.

As an admin, you can create and manage teams and channels in the Teams client or the Microsoft Teams admin centre. It is possible to create teams as public or private but also as an org-wide team.

Anyone using Teams in the organisation can join a public team. For private teams, team owners manage team membership. On the other hand, for an org-wide team, everyone in your organisation is automatically added.

Creating a new Team will also automatically create a new Office 365 group, a SharePoint Online, an Exchange Online shared mailbox and calendar and a OneNote notebook. Microsoft Teams ties into other Office 365 apps such as Planner and Power BI.

It is possible to add Teams to existing SharePoint Group Sites. This can be done through ‘PowerShell’, ‘Microsoft Teams Application’ and ‘Microsoft Admin Centre’. When updating existing sites, this will use the groups existing sites, mailbox and notebook together.

Microsoft Teams offers 24/7 phone and web support for companies and users. It has a variety of crucial admin tools for managing both users and apps. Another useful implement is the usage reporting for all Office 365 services. In addition, Microsoft Teams is 99.9% financially-backed SLA uptime. Most importantly, this platform allows configurable user settings and policies.

Manage & collaborate via Apps

Microsoft Teams is managed in the same way the rest of Office 365 are managed. The same controls and “Security and Compliance Centre” are applicable to Teams.

As an example, ‘Data Loss Prevention Policies’ for files but also for private chats and channel conversations. In fact, it Is able to obfuscate private information, such as a card number,  from the recipient.

Under a channel it is possible to work together on documents accessed via the files tab, access Wiki pages to provide or obtain information and add apps such as One Note, Planner, Yammer.

The available apps can be described as micro services, Teams is a generic application that allows you to interact with these microservices from within teams from one location easily accessing applications needed/used by the group.

microsoft teams manage and collaborate via apps


customising microsoft teams

Teams allows full customisation as they believe it helps to enhance high performing work.

Customise their shared workspace for teams and content to stay in the flow and context. Users can pin files to prioritise their tasks.

A useful feature adds third-party apps or services to have contact in real time and updates just a click away. Power BI dashboard and Planner are efficient for project management, to-do and completed lists.

What can be customised is mainly panels and Teams Web Part. Customise is useful to a high degree as needs are often not met by just using connector apps and iFrame.

Customising Teams’ workspace is allowed using SharePoint Framework (SPFx).

Fit The Platform To The Business

Teams is designed for groups of all kinds. Get started with the free, no-commitments version.

Or, for a more holistic solution, get Teams as part of the best-in-class suite of productivity tools with Office 365 Business Premium or Office 365 Enterprise E3.

How to obtain Microsoft Teams

microsoft teams fatures

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