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Integrated Management System

Aberdeen, UK
Integrated Management System

Stork’s previous IMS hadn’t been monitored and kept up to date and as a result documents weren’t easy to find. A platform was required to host their integrated management system and provide a solution to manage documents, processes and procedures.

The Project

Stork required a platform to host their Integrated Management System, where they would store and manage their documents, processes and procedures. The information, regardless of its complexity, needed to be presented in an intuitive and easy to find way. All changes needed to go through a complex approval process before being published or archived. Documents approaching expiration needed to be flagged and have an appropriate action taken by their owner.

The Solution

Stork had no easy way to manage and find documents or information. On top of this the information wasn’t in a central place.

Control was needed for documents and change management with a tractability mechanism. Audit trails needed to become easier and robust.

The solution was a portal in Office 365 with Stork branding. A library was built to store documents and complex metadata. A separate library was also needed for archived documents.

A home page was created with key contacts, tasks assigned to the current user and two different ways to find documents/information (by Process Step or work stream/department) in addition to the standard SharePoint features. Each navigation widget then points to a results page showing the relevant documents & information. A generator was also implemented to generate document numbers based on document’s metadata upon uploading it.

The new workflows identify documents approaching expiration and kick off review workflow. They also document change/review approval processes in several approval stages. Depending on the update various departments are notified/assigned actions and the document is archived/published depending on the outcome.

Below are some workflow screenshots from this project.

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