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Expenses Application

Aberdeenshire, UK
Expenses Application

Harbro were looking for a new and improved expense submission and approval process for their employees. Previously, the process was based on spreadsheets and paper based record swhich was a huge drain on resources due to the unmanageability of the data and counterintuitive nature of the forms. The new system had to validate entries, flag up omissions anderrors and notify users about outstanding tasks and status updates.

The Project

The application developed was a system for adding, submitting, approving and administering expenses. Every employee had the ability to add expense claim forms in relation to the current expense period and then submit for approval, Line Managers were notified and a status alerts were sent to users. The new forms were intuitive, flexible and adapted to their thirty expense types. The client requested various reminders to be issued; to remind employees to submit expenses regularly, notify accounts about overdue approvals and to inform employees about change in the status of the expenses they submitted.

The Solution

The end solution was developed in Microsoft SharePoint with easy to use forms and accessible via the Intranet. A set of web parts and pages were designed and developed to cater for the needs of a standard user, administrator, accountant and approver with the form adapting at every dropdown to accommodate over 30 different expense types. The form required information such as date, department, purpose, claim type, description and business miles if applicable; Harbro have the ability to change or add to these fields should the priorities of the business change. The application was also designed to take care of security, validation and the calculating running totals of millage.

A navigation widget was also placed on the portal home page to allow easy access to each part of the applications, with permissions set for each individual user. Timer jobs were implemented to send reminders at set times and to relevant users, as well as real-time email notifications about status changes, ensuring completion of the approval process for each expense submission.

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