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Microsoft SharePoint Online Timesheet Application

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Microsoft SharePoint Online Timesheet Application

The Timesheets Application is used for users to complete their timesheets on a daily basis and also allow submission of timesheets at the end of each week in order to receive approval from Line Managers. The application will also notify users of overdue timesheets and Line Managers of timesheets that require approval. Another aspect of the application is to provide utilisation reports and view of users and Line Managers.

The Project

The project consist of three stages. The first stage is to set up the user interface which consists of grids and forms for users, admin and line managers. Part of the first stage is to also set up the lists which will be used to store the information saved from timesheets and for an other lookup data such as customers and projects. The second stage is a workflow which will be used to send the notifications for overdue timesheets and timesheets requiring approval. The final stage is for configuring the utilisation.

The Solution

The final result contains views for “My Timesheets”, “Admin Timesheets” and “Line Managers” Timesheets. All users will have a view of a grid with their timesheets filtered by the current week. The grid also allows the user to navigate between weeks to view timesheets previously submitted. Users continue to add timesheets for the week and once they have a valid total hours for the week they can submit their timesheets.

Once submitted notifications are sent to the Line Managers to approve user’s timesheets. Line Managers have a grid where they can select the user to filter the grid for the selected week and then either approve or reject timesheets for that user and then users are notified based on the approval of the timesheets. There are also views for Line Managers and admin to view overdue timesheets for all users.

Users also have a weekly view per month of their utilisation and Line Managers can see utilisation for all users.

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