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Microsoft SharePoint Online Training Application

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Microsoft SharePoint Online Training Application

Microsoft SharePoint Online

The objective of this application was to provide a consistent electronic method of requesting and authorising employee training from a centrally maintained list of approved suppliers and courses. A Training and Competency Dashboard allowed member of staff to view the following: individual training records, available courses and “career path” recommendations for example: “to be eligible for promotion to X you will need to have attended the following courses”.

The Project

We were looking to improve and align the training application process. It was a paper based process which departments managed independently and therefore become unmanageable. Users were struggling to achieve the company’s KPI of 5 days of training a year as they did not have visibility of up and coming events, nor the ability to request training events which were not yet approved or listed. Due to the nature of their industry the approval process had to be dynamic, allowing approval redirects should line managers suddenly be unavailable.

The Solution

The solution allows users to log on to the system and identify the courses and availability via a personalised schedule view, as well as through an advanced search function. The schedule view also displays all training courses that the user has applied for showing the current status, such as “New” or “In Progress”, as well as a visual display tracker of training days attended and where that figure lies in accordance to company specific KPIs. The submission of an application triggers an approval workflow which send an email notification to the relevant approver which is dependent on both costs and allocation: the system can also set an alternative approver if required, for instance to cover annual leave.

The system also allows users the ability to make a request on someone else’s behalf. After attendance of the training the system will send an email notification requesting users to complete a Course Evaluation Form which is hosted within the application. All evaluation forms are completely configurable by site admins to ensure they are relevant to each course.

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