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Dolphin Drilling

Dolphin Drilling

HSE Management System

Dolphin Drilling
Aberdeen, UK
HSE Management System

Dolphin Drilling had no easy way to manage and store Safety Case Letters, assign, monitor and report on actions. No effective control and response to HSE letters was in place and the ability to allow the collation of information relating to HSE & Safety Case Letters was required. Standard SharePoint functionality was used to achieve the required solution where possible.

The Project

Evoke IT were asked to develop a system which allowed the collation and management of information relating to HSE & Safety Case letters for Dolphin Drilling. The system was based around a Document Library, driven by Actions and set up with email notifications. In addition, the system allows for creation of reports and visual view of single / multiple items.

The information stored is created and maintained within SharePoint by Dolphin Drilling’s HSEQ department with read only access for other users.

The Solution

A custom SharePoint application using HTML5 framework was built, and where possible standard SharePoint functionality was utilised to create an effective control and response to HSE letters.

Users can upload safety letters, set the title and the HSE response date, actions can then be created and assigned to the letter, together with other applicable metadata such as unit, response level, questions and more. These actions are given a document type and a user allocated to it.

An ‘Action on other Units’ check box was created which displayed an information grid containing a template of options. Users have the ability to remove pre-defined actions or add new entries.

In addition, the application homepage allows users to easily see default actions assigned to them and the status of these actions which are highlighted in red, yellow or green depending on the current date in comparison to the deadline date. Actions can also be easily filtered and grouped by letter, type, unit, discipline and action, which can then be exported to Excel to create a report.

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