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Microsoft SharePoint Expenses Application

London, UK
Microsoft SharePoint Expenses Application

Our client, Dearman, located in London, UK required an application in their Office 365 SharePoint environment that would efficiently manage their Expenses. The application was to be tailored to Dearman’s requirements to allow users to submit expenses for approval, which, once approved would be passed onto the Accounts team to be paid and closed.

The Project

Dearman previously had a mixture of Google forms and Excel work books they used for submitting Expenses, this process made reporting, usability and auditing difficult. They required an automated system that would automatically route Expenses to the appropriate Line Manager for approval, and then to the Accounts team for payment and close out. Due to the potential volume of the expenses, the Line Managers and Accounts would receive a daily digest / summary email informing them of items requiring their attention. Several views were required to enable  easy and quick use of the application and facilitate reporting such as “Personal”, “Line Manager”, “Department”, “Accounts” and “To Be Paid”.

The Solution

An application working in Office 365 was implemented to allow anybody within the company to create a new Expense electronically, selecting the required fields and attached files, i.e receipts, invoices etc. The application has a workflow to get the Expense approved, paid and ultimately closed. The appropriate Line Manager will then be notified of the new expense, either immediately or in a form of a daily digest and then they are required to an add an electronic signature to either approve or reject the Expense. When approved, the Expense is routed on to the Accounts team and appears in their views so that it can be paid and finally closed out.

This new system improved the Expense process for Dearman and made reporting, usability and auditing of the expenses easier and quicker.

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