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Migration, Support and Training

Aberdeen, UK
Migration, Support and Training

The ConocoPhillips UK division had been using Microsoft SharePoint 2003 and in 2014 they decided to migrate to SharePoint 2013. This presented a challenging task as there were over 800 sites that either needed to be migrated, stored as legacy or deleted. Two contractors from Evoke IT were provided onsite to assist with this migration as well as to provide training to users on their new SharePoint environment.

The Project

ConocoPhillips’ previous SharePoint environment had become overwhelmed over many years of use with many of the sites, document libraries and documents having become redundant over time. Evoke IT placed two contractors onsite with ConocoPhillips to help identify the site owners for each of the 800 sites and establish if these were to be migrated or deleted.

As there were a lot of changes in functionality between the SharePoint 2003 and SharePoint 2013 versions, theenvironment was completely different for the end users therefore training was required in order to assist with user adoption of the site.

The Solution

The contractors vetted the 800 sites to determine whether they be archived or eligible for migration. As the previous environment had adopted a very deep hierarchical structure over the years, the resources assisted in the restructure of the environment to ensure that it was of a cleaner and flatter nature. By providing contractors onsite ConocoPhillips had more control over the migration and as a result dramatically increased user acceptance.

One onsite resource remained at ConocoPhillips to provide ad-hoc training and aid the education of SharePoint to the users. Training was provided throughout the project with 4 group sessions per week and numerous ad hoc 1:1 sessions provided daily, resulting in over 200 users being trained in total. These training sessions assisted with employee transition from SharePoint 2003 to 2013 and helped increase user adoption.

The service we provided was acting as the tier 1, first line support, for the new SharePoint implementation. A dedicated site was created to educate users on the new benefits and functionality as well as acting as an area where best practices and training documentation could be found.

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