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BEAR Scotland

BEAR Scotland

Information Management System & Intranet

BEAR Scotland
Perth, UK
Information Management System & Intranet

Our client, BEAR Scotland located in Perth, required an Intranet and an IMS (Information Management System) using Microsoft SharePoint Online to efficiently manage their documentation. The intranet was to provide information, news and documents relevant to the user signing in as well as a link to the IMS. The IMS was to have a homepage/landing page which was to be the focal point for all documentation related to the functions of the business.

The Project

BEAR Scotland previously used document libraries on SharePoint 2007 without metadata and efficient document control processes which resulted in duplicate documents or unapproved documents being added to their SharePoint. They required a three-stage approval process for documents edited or uploaded to the IMS, a review workflow to flag documents for review when reaching a review period, an archive workflow which when initiated requires approval from an IMS Team and an Out for comments workflow which can be sent to multiple users to gain feedback on a specific document. Along with the workflows for document control, the IMS was to use managed metadata in order to ensure documents are properly categorised in the IMS, and ensure that no duplicate documents are uploaded, while also providing filtered views for BEAR Scotland’s different units.

The Solution

The project was split into two distinct areas, the intranet portal and landing pages, and an Integrated Management System. Tasks from the IMS were highlighted on the Intranet homepage to the viewer displaying how many ongoing tasks they have as well as outstanding tasks. The Intranet homepage also provided latest news and links to both internal and external pages, all editable by BEAR Scotland to point to a different location, making the Intranet Homepage flexible and manageable by BEAR Scotland themselves.

The IMS was developed to handle approval processes for new, reviewed and archived controlled documents while utilising managed metadata to ensure unique and organised documents.

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