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Information Management System

Aberdeen, UK
Information Management System

ASCO required an Information Management System (IMS) that provided users with very simple and fast access to company procedures, giving the client tight control over change control and copyright as required. Document controllers and owners had to be flexible as there could be different users responsible for each individual procedure.

The Project

The system had to deal with version control both online and offline, and due to the geographical spread of the client, the system had to work in multiple locations in the UK and internationally. Previously procedures would be unmanaged and difficult to control as a paper based system, and when a procedure was given to a user it was an uncontrolled document, and there was no security to ensure employees were using the latest version of a procedure.

Change control, versioning and the ability to track changes wasn’t possible, these procedures existed as a Microsoft Word document that would be updated by anyone and there was no security to prevent documents being printed or sent to unauthorised people.

The Solution

The solution was to create a Microsoft SharePoint application that categorised the procedures in such a way that users can find them in 2 clicks. The old procedures were replaced with custom Microsoft SharePoint pages which allowed management to allow authorised users to update and sign off on changes as part of the automated change control workflow.

All procedure updates are audited to show a history of change in line with ISO 9001. When procedures are printed from the system an information panel is presented at the top of a procedure to show the version, date printed and information to explain that the document was now controlled.

As a result to monitor security users are now audited to ensure they have accessed procedures they are required to read and follow.

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