What is new in SharePoint 2013?

What is new in SharePoint 2013?

Here is a nice simple list of what has been added and removed in the new release of Microsoft SharePoint 2013:

  1. Everything is now an App – Yup you heard me correctly. I mean everything is an app to the point that if you create a new document library you select the document library app.
  2. Windows Classic Authentication – No longer exists it has been removed. Everything is now claimed based.
  3. Design Manager – New to SharePoint 2013 is the design manager which is actually pretty cool. It allows you to design in the tool of your choice and then cut and paste your mark-up into SharePoint. Design Manager deals with all your master pages, CSS and page layouts.
  4. Browser Support – Again as per SharePoint 2010 the browser support has improved. The one thing to bear in mind is that IE7 is no longer supported.
  5. App’s – You can create app’s and store them hosted on a server on-premise, within SharePoint or within Azure. Your applications do not have to be hosted in SharePoint and can be stored externally which can help prevent code bring down your SharePoint farm.
  6. New Interface – SharePoint 2013 uses the new metro look and feel. There are no more post backs. The whole user experience has been enhanced.
  7. Error Messages – All the error messages have been rewritten to give you more information about what is going on.
  8. Drag & Drop – Probably the best enhancement that could possibly be imagined. You can now drag & drop files into document libraries without having to click the “Add Document” button.
  9. Central Admin Branding – You can now easily add branding to central admin.
  10. Web Content Management – A lot of work has been done in this area:

a. You can now copy from Microsoft Word directly into SharePoint.b. Site owners and Designers can now customise global and current navigation using drag & dropc. Iframes are back! Useful for showing summary information from app’sd. A integrated translation service is now available which pulls translations live from Binge. You can now publish content across site collections. So if you have news to go on your intranet and public facing web site you can do this in one post.

  1. Mark-up – Again a lot of work done in this area:

a. Tables are finally gone in all user controls and web partsb. There is a new content search web part which will show relevant search results summary across sitesc. CSS has been re-written and cleaned up considerablyd. A new SharePoint online public website has been added.e. W3C mark-up errors are down from 138 to 13 which is a significant improvement

  1. SkyDrive Pro – This is the replacement to workspaces which was the replacement to Groove
  2. SharePoint Designer – We still have SharePoint Designer but the split view has been removed so no designer view anymore. Microsoft reckon it was too much to support. Massive improvement in support for workflows both in designer and Visio.
  3. Workflows – Another area that has seen significant improvements:

a. Now uses Windows Workflow 4b. You can do a lot without code. You now have the concept of stages and transitions so a move away from the traditional linear approach to workflow.c. Preview support in Visio and Visual Studiod. Custom Actionse. The ability to host workflow in Azuref. Can connect to JSON and REST now from your workflowsg. Trigger SharePoint 2010 workflows from 2013 workflows

  1. User Profile Synchronisation – It just works. All the pain has gone.

a. Better performanceb. Performance monitoringc. The ability to synchronise users from various sources including CRM, Oracle or other generic LAP connectionsd. Synchronise with BDC’se. Multiple domains are now supportedf. The ability to select Active Directory groups and use LDAP filters

  1. Search – Fast is now part of the OTB search even in SharePoint Foundation:

a. Crawl HTTP, File Shares, Users, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and various other external sourcesb. We now get continues crawling so your search is never more than 15 minutes out of datec. Search now includes Result Type Rulesd. New display templates have been included so using design manager you can now customise search easily

  1. Social Media – Social media has had an overhaul:

a. Yammer is not yet included but expected to be addedb. My site host has feeds and like buttons so it is very FaceBookc. Communities Home Page is new feature that has been addedd. Mail boxes for sites is a great feature and is a great alternative to shared mail boxese. You can now report abuse

  1. Licencing – There are a couple of changes that you need to be aware of:

a. Mixed licence environments are now controlled using groups in Active Directoryb. If you run Microsoft SharePoint on any device that is not Microsoft then you need a companion licence.

SharePoint Saturday 2012 had a number of great sessions and without them this blog would not exist.?

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