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Version Control in Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Version Control in Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Versioning on Microsoft SharePoint is the method in which previous iterations of a document are numbered and saved.

This feature enables you to manage content better as it is revised and even restore to a previous version. This can be helpful when you make a mistake on the current version and want to revert to a previous version or when several people are working on the same document.

To revert to a previous version of your document, follow this step by step guide.

1.Click on the ellipses to the right of your document name.

2. On the open window click the ellipses along the bottom.

3. From the menu choose Version History and the below box will appear.

4. Choose which version you want to revert to and from there you can choose whether to view or restore that iteration.

And from following that simple instructions you can easily access a previous iteration of a document!

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