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Upgrading to Office 365? Check out our clients’ FAQ

Upgrading to Office 365? Check out our clients’ FAQ


Thinking about upgrading to Office 365 but not sure what the key benefits are?

We have covered the top talking points and questions we have been asked by our clients which we hope will help you the decision process, however should you have further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Why Should I Move to Office 365?


Our team travel and work from home and need easy, remote access to more than just email.


I’m worried about protecting my data in the cloud. how do I know it’s secure, especially when people are using mobile devices?


What if I can’t get online or my Internet connection fails?


How can I work better with my team, customers and suppliers?

Why should I subscribe to Office 365, when I already own Office software?


I work in a highly regulated industry. Can I switch to Office 365 and stay compliant?


By moving to Office 365, you’ll gain multiple capabilities that help you manage compliance, including data retention and data archiving features. If you have any further questions please get in touch, in addition we offer Office 365 and / or SharePoint Lunch and Learns if you would like a glimpse of these products we would be delighted to give you a guided tour.

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