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Sync SharePoint to Desktop Button Greyed Out

Sync SharePoint to Desktop Button Greyed Out

If you’re having problems with syncing your files on SharePoint to your desktop it might be due to problems with the OneDrive for Business sync client. There’s a few steps you can follow in this article to fix this problem.

Step 1

OneDrive for Business sync app is frequently updated, so first make sure you have the most current version installed, which you can check here.

Step 2

Sounds quite simple but it might be resolved by simply stopping and restarting the sync.

Step 3

If your OneDrive for Business is having sync problems a simple repair sync connection can solve it. Steps to repair a sync connection can be found here.

Step 4

If you file or folder name contains unsupported characters or invalid file types then you won’t be able to sync those files. If your files / folders contain any of the list of unsupported character and file types listed here you will need to change the name or remove the invalid file types.

Step 5

There is limits for the size and number of files that can be synced, if a file is too large to sync OneDrive for Business sync might not work. The restricted limits for files can be viewed here.

If you’re still having sync problems the OneDrive for Business Sync Guide can be helpful and guide you through diagnosing and solving your issue.

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