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SharePoint 2016 Features You Might Not Know

SharePoint 2016 Features You Might Not Know

There’s lot of new and improved features in Microsoft SharePoint 2016, we’ve picked out a couple that end users will benefit from and a couple that might of previously been a bug bear for some users!


Special Characters

Microsoft SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 was strict with special characters that wasn’t allowed in file names, which could be irritating when migrating files from a Shared Drive or Network. However in SharePoint 2016 some of these special  characters are now allowed in file names. Special Characters Restricted in SharePoint 2016:

# % \ * [ ] : ? / ”

This means we can now use ~ & { } in file names in SharePoint 2016.


Increase File Upload Size

Microsoft have increased the file size above the previous 2 GB limit for uploading to SharePoint 2016. It’s not recommended to store large files in SharePoint and although Microsoft haven’t confirmed the new limit they recommend it stays at 10 GB or below.


Improved Mobile Experience

These days everyone expects mobile views to be at the same standard as desktop views, with this in mind SharePoint has an improved touch friendly mobile interface. Similar to previous SharePoint versions the mobile experience stills revolves around viewing content in lists and library navigation.


Sharing Improvements

SharePoint 2016 has new sharing improvements, these include Create and Share Folder option, Sharing Hint, Improved Invitation Mail and a One-click Email to Approve or Deny Access Request.

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