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Chat with Co-editors in Office Online

Chat with Co-editors in Office Online

You might of noticed some new updates for Office 365 this month, one is the new chat feature available in all Office Online applications including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote.


How Do I Use This Feature

At the moment when you share a document from OneDrive or SharePoint Online with your colleagues they can view, make edits and also work on the document at the same time as you. When your colleague(s) is working on the document at the same time, their names appear in the list of co-editors at the top right of the browser and next to the list of co-editors there will now be a blue Chat button.


What’s The Benefits?

So this new feature is there to save you having to jump from your browser to Skype for Business to discuss the document and communicate with your co-editors. This chat is not saved, however you can copy and paste if required. The feature to add comments to a document that are saved is still available.

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