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Our Passion

Using SharePoint, Office 365 or any of the products available you haven’t used before can seem like a daunting task, systems used by those who are techie minded and know their way around a computer. This isn’t true and our process ensures that everyone is involved and trained in order to use their environment to its maximum potential.

We also want to make your working life easier, that’s why we offer a Managed Service so we can take care of all your IT requirements, from connecting a printer to the procurement of products.

Our Core Values


is at the heart of everything we do. Our projects are delivered on time and within budget and, most importantly, they will perform exactly how you want them too.


is key to all aspects of our work. Whatever you want your technology to help with, no matter how complex, we endeavour to make sure it is done in the most straightforward way possible.


cutting edge technology and creative thinking is what we use to give you the most effective software to solve your requirements. We are always adopting new ideas and technologies to help us deliver a more effective product for our clients.

Our Team

Our dedicated team work to provide you with the best solutions customised to your requirements by utilising SharePoint, Office 365 and more. Microsoft SharePoint is Microsoft’s document management system, we use it as our preferred platform because of its flexibility and it can be fully customisable to your brand. We design, build and deploy bespoke applications which automate processes, reduce costs and simply improve your work environment.We pride ourselves on the individual strengths that each member of the company can contribute to your project. We have a dedicated team of 30 and growing based in Aberdeen and Edinburgh. Want to join our team? 

Lee Harrison Evoke IT Managing Director

Lee Harrison

Managing Director
Graeme Paterson Evoke IT Sales Director

Greame Paterson

Sales Director

Scotland Based IT Provider

We are Aberdeen’s Microsoft Cloud Specialists and we’re not your ordinary IT company. Since 2011 we have been delivering much more than off-the-shelf products. As a team we design, build and deploy bespoke systems which automate processes, reduce costs and simply improve your work environment. We cover the full range of Microsoft Enterprise technologies including SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure, providing consultancy, development, training, support and a managed service.

Our Software Process

We start with your requirements. We don’t look to our portfolio and see what we’ve done before and where we can apply this again, we actively seek for a new and exciting ways of solving our clients’ needs. We pride ourselves on creating a product that we know, and you know is yours, and only yours.

evoke it software process diagram
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