Development for Microsoft SharePoint

A Passion for SharePoint development is at the heart of Evoke IT and we pride ourselves in being able to address you most complex requests. Our developers have tackled all sorts of unusual projects and love a challenge! Microsoft development covers simple as well as complicated tasks and we encourage you to contact us to discuss your requirements.

There are a few ways to develop in this Microsoft environment and different levels and skill sets are needed for different jobs. For example you can use JQuery, SharePoint Designer, InfoPath or visual studio either web services / wcf or object model. Not every developer can use them all, as every task is different (and some tasks are classed as design). The key to it is to only code as much as you need to, if something is there and just needs a little tweak then why spend two weeks developing it from scratch.

Microsoft provides so many possibilities with their “out of the box” product that development does not need to be overcomplicated.

Simplicity if often the best way – we prefer to use the work Microsoft has done and customise it to suit your business, coding as and when required.

In conclusion, developers no longer need to go into a dark room for 2 weeks and come out with some fancy new code, but when we need to we can. This cuts down on time and costs helping your development go that bit smoother.

You can use developers for

  1. Altering current web parts
  2. Calculating complex solutions
  3. Building reports
  4. Customisation
  5. New applications
  6. New templates

The skill level of your developer is determined by the requirements you set and our team at Evoke IT can help you get the development done in the most efficient manner.??