Custom Design and Development for you Microsoft SharePoint Environment

Customisation will let your project fit your organisation to make sure it is best utilised. By using custom SharePoint in your Microsoft environment you will simplify your project management and processes. At Evoke IT we are specialists in customising these environments, from site design to custom functionality.

What is Custom SharePo?int?

There are various things you can do to customise your Microsoft environment, including both your sites and portal areas. For example you can customise;

  1. Templates
  2. User access
  3. URL addresses?
  4. Layout
  5. Design
  6. Development (please see this page)
  7. Web Parts
  8. Functionality
  9. Information
  10. Architecture

The list is not exhaustive but gives you a feel for the flexibility available and shows you how Microsoft goes out of its way to accommodate you.

Why customisation?

Content management systems like SharePoint are designed to suit thousands of potential businesses around the world. The only way this is possible is to have a system that easily allows you to custom design it to your requirements. Think of the installation as a base, a foundation on which to put your house. Which parts and what architecture you use to build the house is up to you but the basic principles of how the sites work are always the same.

Dynamic information, bespoke requirements and unique interests are what drive the desire to have a site or portal area different from someone else’s. But custom does not mean development from scratch or a complete build from the ground up, it just means making something no one else has. So it could be as small as making the site have your branding and design, or it could be a large bespoke build that takes several months; it’s all customised to your business and what you require to maximise the benefits of your content management system.

We strongly believe this product is the best content management system on the market and one of the main reasons for this is its customisation potential. It has a solid base on which you can build a perfect solution. The main limitation to this content management solution is your imagination and we can even help with that!?