10 Tips for Making your SharePoint project a Success

10 Tips for Making your SharePoint project a Success


1. Engage Stubborn Customers

Engage the most stubborn customers and work with them to appreciate their ideas and requirements. Your most stubborn and vocal customers when won over will be your best and most vocal champions.?

2. Assign a Project Owner
Assign a project owner from the business who is senior enough to make decisions and pull rank if required.

3. Provide Proactive Training
Don’t expect users to get on with it and don’t just hand over a user guide. Let’s face it, they’re not going to read it.

4. Don’t let IT run SharePoint
They are not the people in the business who will be using SharePoint and, no matter what they try to tell you, they can’t give you valid requirements on behalf of another user!

5. Project Name
Give your project a name and don’t refer to it as SharePoint. SharePoint is just a framework so don’t let anyone get hung up on what they think it can and cannot do. Think about the end benefits.

6. No End in Sight
Your SharePoint project, unlike most projects, should not have an end and requirements should grow with the business. Take an interactive approach to development and product updates. Remember the business users and project steering group need to understand and proactively contribute to development iterations.

7. Go with the Flow
Your SharePoint strategy and requirements will change over time so gather detailed requirements every time you need them for developers. That’s life. Things change!

8. Manage Expectation
Don’t ignore the figures. Senior management will want two magic figures at the start of the project … cost and delivery date. You need to give them high level costs and timescales but you must manage their expectations so they understand how the project will be delivered.

9. Project Steering Group
Get business users and other key people to be part of a project steering group. Your project steering group can’t be made up of senior management alone.

?10. Don’t Overdose on Rules
Get the right balance with governance. Don’t overdose on rules – keep them simple and easy to follow. Start small and allow your policies to grow as your project grows.

Published by Lee Harrison on 6 July, 2013

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