Safehouse Habitats

Safehouse Habitats

Intranet & Integrated Management System

Safehouse Habitats, located in Dundee, previously had no way to efficiently and effectively manage controlled documents and required a solution to allow the documents to be officially approved and controlled. Workflows were required to allow for notifications and approval processes for controlled documents. They required a two stage approval process for new documents uploaded to the IMS, a review workflow to flag when documents are up for review and an archive workflow to allow requests for documents to be archived.

The Project

Safehouse required an Intranet and an IMS (Integrated Management System) to efficiently manage their documentation, processes and functions. The intranet was to provide information, news and documentation relevant to the user signing in as well as a link the IMS. The IMS will have a homepage / landing page which will be a focal point for all documentation related to the functions of the business as well as providing links to all other systems and applications used at Safehouse. Each department has their own landing page with filtered / grouped views of the documents specific to the department.

The Solution

The project was split into two distinct areas, an intranet portal and an Integrated Management System. Tasks from the IMS were highlighted on the Intranet homepage along with general news and relevant information for users logging into the system. The IMS was developed to handle approval processes for new, reviewed and archived controlled documents.

The IMS also generated unique document codes for each document uploaded to the system and utilised managed metadata in order to provide departments with views of documents specific to their department. The entire site as a whole was developed to engage users through the intranet and effectively manage all corporate documents.

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Published by Sarah McGirr on 2 October, 2015

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