About Us

Scotland Based IT Provider

Since 2011, Evoke IT have been building and providing businesses with a wealth of tools created to transform the way your company operates. Being equipped with the largest team of SharePoint resources in Scotland means we can fully customise the technology to suit your business processes. We are committed to make SharePoint work for you.

Evoke Team Final With Cubes


How We're Different

Every client has different ideas of how they want their environment to work, look and feel. As a team we make sure your product and system is efficient, effective and easy to use.


Our Team

Experience. Ability. Commitment. Equipped with a Development, Support, Training and a Marketing Team there’s not a challenge you can throw at us we can’t overcome.


Our Clients

We have an honest, deep and ongoing relationship with the Oil and Gas industry, but we have the ability to work with all types of companies and industries.